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Ronaldinho Gaucho: Best Soccer Player

Sport is an activity impregnated with talented individuals because  it’s based on competition. An athlete has two primary obligations: one is to be in perfect physical shape and the other is to be in excellent technical state, all the time. In the professional world of sports, we can say that every athlete meets that demand. Beyond professionalism there are […]

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The Obama Administration has yet to define its level of effectiveness. Normally, it takes time to harmonize, coordinate, act and see the results. After all, the United States is the leading country in the world, with extra responsibilities and duties. One thing that is clear is that President Barak Obama is the best individual to […]

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PBS – The Best Quality Television

In the actual Television condition it’s hard to find a good TV station or a program with characteristic that resembles the past golden eras of American Television, with programs such as Ed Sullivan, Colombo, The Name of the Game and other classics. It seems that modernization dried out creativity and sense from the brains of […]

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REMO Percussion – The Best Pandeiro In The US

Pandeiro is a Brazilian percussion instrument, essential in samba and choro performances. Special talent and ability are required to play this unique instrument, but also to make it. Remo, the legendary percussion maker, achieved the important task of producing the ideal pandeiro by keeping its weight just above 200g. With 10’’ in diameter, REMO red […]

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