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LETTER TO  CHRIS  HAYES – August 14, 2015

I am behavior professor and I have fan watching the discussions about Donald Trump’s actual political success. The way you opened your program on Tuesday, August 11, inspired me to write this letter. You are an excellent political journalist and your opening phrase was “I don’t understand what is happening.” Meaning, why Donald Trump is leading. You are not alone in that confusion – I have been watching other programs and everybody else is lost in that discussion.


I’ve predicted this phenomenon long time ago. This is not a political factor, it’s behavioral. In 2008 I wrote an article explaining why Barak Obama won the election and I mentioned that the reason was a total change in American society. I described, in details, that Washington was finished, politically, caused by the political decadence of the end of last century which coincided with the internet explosion and the young rejection to the status quo. They elected Obama and they are ready to elect Trump.


behavior is the cause of everything in life and mind is uncontrollable, unreliable and undefined. Washington degeneration occurred exactly when the sons of Internet had the age to vote and the status quo had no place in America. The best way to establish that was to elect a black President, which was impossible to happen a few years prior to that. Obama was also influenced by that phenomenon, negatively. He was totally electable in 2008; half electable in 2012 and now is totally unelectable. His confusion about Washington was the cause.


The world is a complete changed place, what made sense before the year 2000 doesn’t  make sense now; many good values disappeared or are completely reversed. Every person, today, is  a judge, juror and executioner. The whole flow of the world is promoting that, without noticing how disastrous  that change is. The press, which was a core of integrity became dependent on public opinion and political correctness.


Donald Trump has no label, he is not a politician, he has no ideology, he has no  association with anything, he is totally detached from American political chaos;  he’s the ideal candidate for America’s new rulers, judges, jurors, executioners.  From this point on, only Donald Trump could demote him from running for the  presidency; if he gets to the final stage he will beat any democrat candidate. 


NOTE – Now, the entire press, its commentators and guests are adjusting their comments about Donald Trump to make sense with his success, that is because they would look bad if continued lost about what is happening. So far, no one has observed the real phenomenon I’ve described and that is OK, because when they do they will remember that I am who revealed that.  

MAYUTO CORREA – –            


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