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MOHAMED ALI, THE WORLD’S BEST BOXER By Mayuto Correa – April 23, 2015

MOHAMED ALI, THE WORLD’S BEST BOXER By Mayuto Correa – April 23, 2015
I was expecting Floyd Mayweather’s sign of a fall. He is
known to be the best fighter of today. This article is not
to deny his status or qualities, but is to register his
change of behavior, based on his statement about he
being better than Mohamed Ali. That is a sudden change;
an arrogance and disrespect, towards Ali – perhaps a sign
of his decadence, because his pseudo superiority can’t ever
be compared to Ali’s real records.

Throughout his career, his main weakness has been his
passiveness as an attacker, in order to maintain a solid
defense. His tactic puts him in a category apart from Ali’s,
who was a master attacker, so intensely, that gave no
chance to his opponent to attack. Floyd’s career is
memorable by his consistency as a winner; but so was
Ali’s. Ironically, Floyd’s modesty, during his fights and
interviews is a great mark too. In character, when he is
compared to Ali, Floyd is a true winner.

Perhaps his good behavior was a force behind his Success
because respect to others always give us strength, precision
endurance and confidence – Floyd has all that. Ali had that
too, without showing respect to his opponents. Arrogance
is common in boxing, mainly to intimidate the adversary,
which can work for or against the perpetrator.
Floyd has been showing honorable principles up to now,
two weeks prior to his fight with Manny Pacquiao. This
could be Floyd’s last fight because his decadence is a fact
and, regardless of this fight’s result, his change of behavior
indicates his end of career. It was a “low blow” not against
a common adversary, but a retired fighter, the greater, Ali.

But in the end, it’s clear that Floyd Mayweather is second
in the rank of best boxer of all times. Ali’s performances
and total control of his fights were never seen before or after
him; his physical power and confidence were devastating,
he was, mind and body, an invulnerable machine in control
of the ring. Floyd has also great qualities which gives him
advantage against his adversaries, but not enough to beat
Ali, even now that, ironically, the fight between them is
happening off the ring. Ali’s place as the all time best boxer
of the world cannot be challenged by Floyd.

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