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DISUNION by: Mayuto Correa

(This article is being published on NOVEMBER 2, 2020)
The world hasn’t yet felt the urgency to unite and make the necessary changes to preserve life. For many years, economy is the focus of countries that are competing with each other, with their money power reaching trillions of trillions of dollars while millions of millions of humans are dying of hunger; millions of millions of homeless are dying on the streets and millions of millions of people are dying without proper medical care. I have been a journalist since I was 13 years old and I am now 77; I am specialized in human degeneration, so I know that the world is out of control in total degeneration. GOODNESS has disappeared, except for the few ones who are helping the needy which is in devastating quantity. The environment is being destroyed everywhere and the planet is showing it in a vivid way, giving no room for excuses and denial. These problems should be the priority on every politician’s desk, everywhere in the world, but they are engaged on asking people’s to finance their campaigns, while a massive corruption is happening in governments. I remember, when I was 13, in class, when I tried to give my teacher a lecture by saying that the world was an anarchy, with cars, boats and factures polluting the air and the oceans, when the needed energy should have been taken from the sun and nature. My comment in 1953 was an absurd for him, he reacted by saying, “let’s talk after class.”

That comment, today, and others I’m making here seem to be an absurd for the world and that is a problem that never goes away: human degeneration, which is filled with disregard. This is a time for everyone to rethink about life in this world. The internet changed the world by (metaphorically speaking ) putting all old good values under the carpet, with the carpet being the internet. Life seems easier because the new elements, such as world’s amplified visibility through video; advertising power and communication. Before the Internet, countries were preserved by their own cultures, mostly unknown to the rest of the world, they had their own degeneration, which blended into their culture and that mix was unknown to the world. The Internet changed all that, the internet exposed the whole world to the whole world. Tradition and holiness became politicized and now it is cause for conflicts. Now, cultural protection is totally gone and degeneration created a world filled with conflictive differences with high volatility in a time when country leaders are arguing and threatening each other with use of highly destructive power. If anybody really looks into what is happening to the world now will see the absurd: corruption, hate, cruelty, stupidities, but people are not observing that because the whole world is in harmony with the absurd, because it is normalized by the internet. I do have compassion for the world because, from my perspective of knowing what is happening and knowing that most people are not aware of that, it is very serious. The problem is that the world is too far gone into degeneration and many people will not believe my words and many others will not care about it.

I get many emails from politicians of both major parties in America and I do not respond to none because I’ve sent letters to telling them about many errors I see in their campaigns. They do not respond to my letters, but beg me to respond theirs with money. Being a professor of behavior, my letters have very relevant suggestions, but all that is ignored. During campaign Kamala Harris made mistakes of offending Biden and in mi letter I said that it was wrong because she was going to be the V.P. candidate and she was going to look stupid when that happened. It happened and I sent her another letter of “I told you so,” after that happened. I had tried to prevent that and other errors with my letters, by explaining in details, the damages that their mistakes would cause, including the exchange of attacks between democrat candidates during debates, because avoiding that would be the first time in history and that would send a strong message to voters. Which would be the best way to win against the corrupt republicans. Now is hard for the voters to tale who is not corrupt. Politicians should know that people are not just a money pocket, specially people like myself who can help about behavior which is the key element in politicians. Good behavior was decisive element for senator Obama’s victory and I helped him with letters I sent to his campaign manager.

Now, I already voted and I only vote democrat, that is the only contribution I’m giving to all politicians from now on. There are many wrong things happening in the world and the ones to blame are politicians. The real owners of the nations are the simple people and they are being exploited and disrespected in many ways, more than ever before. Now politicians are living in luxury while people are dying of hunger everywhere. I have no way to help them, all I do is crying when I see it on the media; in person, I help the way I can. But the real solution is simple: If every nation takes the responsibility of feeding every person, that would end. After all, they would be feeding the real owners of the nations, because we all know that nations would not exist without its working class. Pretending to ignore that fact is a crime that is getting more and more accepted, due to a total degeneration of the world. Every politician should have that issue in their agenda in order to deserve a vote, if they don’t, they are just exploiting people. I help the needy the way I can, by writing articles denouncing crimes against them.

This disastrous American presidency I predicted in an article I wrote on the day Mr. Trump announced his candidacy. That day I sent a Letter to him saying that he was going to win and I wanted to help him on his behavior to prevent him from damaging America forever. My letter was a cordial letter, written in a way to allow him to accept and respond. I sent it to Trump Tower in New York: he never responded to it. Then I started publishing articles describing his character on my site, The entire media was still lost and confuse about the unexpected candidate, not knowing what to say about him. Some reporters were even calling him genius, others called him talented entertainer; all to justify his candidacy. In my articles I was saying he was none of that, but he was a dictator, cruel, selfish and many more bad things. I saw Chris Hayes opening one of his shows with a comment about Trump, saying, “I don’t know what is going on…” I sent Chris a letter describing what was really going on and all about the damages that was coming to America.

The present political scenario, 2 weeks before election day, is in the dark because the moral across the nation was replaced by a temporary hate that will less until the last vote is counted; after that, all candidates’ offences, and accusations will be forgiven by saying to each other a phony “never mind what I said,” then the corruption will continue, with politicians pretending to united. The only way to avoid corruption is by having total integrity. Public opinion is the only power capable to invert the present American catastrophe. That is difficult, but more difficult is to deal with the actual political situation in America. That all started when Barak Obama, the first black president was elected in America. That changed American electorate in a way that democrat racists became republicans to unite into a force to prevent, ever again, a black person to be elected president. Along with that the white supremacists blended in and were accepted by conservative Americans who, at any cost, want to preserve white America. Those transitions were not noticed, felt or commented by any other person, anywhere; only by me, in my articles and in classes I teach. That was the power that elected Donald Trump. His aberrations affect conservative Americans too, but by not reacting to that they don’t come “out of the closet,” instead, they support him from the dark, for a “dark” reason. They are the only flexible force that could help America to go back to a normal course, but the Democrats, by ignoring all this, did not make any effort to reach conservative Americans. That is the reason for Donald Trump to be reelected now. A second term of this president will increase damage to both parties; The Republican Party have been demolished by corruption during Barak Obama’s terms and they became a party of puppets handled by Donald Trump; Democrat Party became complainers and commentators, instead of being an energetic legal front to save America. The media did what it does, reporting the facts, and capitalizing with that. On television, helpless democratic politicians settled their own defeat, guest commentators, also deed what they do best: their descriptions of the facts were correct but, by doing that, they showed their intellect and that normalized the most terrible political aberrations that ever happened to America; mostly of its damages are irreversible.

Ex-democrats and conservatives will feel guilty for that because their racism contributed to that. They will know that Obama’s victory and his two terms were a blessing, in comparison to Trump’s first term. Racism is a mental defect that always causes dubious actions, sometimes too ridiculous to be exposed; it is mostly hidden in the subconscious to be manifested with caution, but due to its ridiculous nature, the action can be reversed if needed. The best chance democrat candidates had to get support from conservative Americans, ex-democrats and undecided voters was destroyed by demolishing each other during the primaries. Their support would come without exposing them selves, by just voting. In my articles and letters I sent to Democrat candidates I suggested that and I said that they would damage themselves by not following my idea. That became a prediction when Kamala Harris was considered for joining Joe Biden on the ticket. I hope my previous articles and letters help some politicians about behavior, which is the key element in politic. Every error on that can be a fatal blow to the person’s career. In my view the biggest political catastrophe in America could have been avoided if they had paid more attention to their own behavior, for them to know what to do about the behavior of others. Now, 2 days from election day, the big political catastrophe is ready to be renewed for 4 more years.

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