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“MEDIA FRENZY ON AUGUST 11 2015” – By Mayuto Correa

“MEDIA FRENZY ON AUGUST 11, 2015” By Mayuto Correa
I am behavior professor and I have fan watching the discussions about Donald Trump’s actual political success. I’m writing this article on August 11, 2015, after I observed the media going nuts with Donald Trump’s candidacy to the presidency of the USA. Today, Tuesday, August 11, the way anchor, Chris Hayes, opened his program inspired me to use his state of mind to illustrate how lost the media is about Donald Trump’s political “bang.” the excellent anchor of MSNBC’S “All In With Chris Hayes” opened his show with the phrase, “I don’t understand what is happening.” Meaning, why Donald Trump is leading? The rest of the world is just as lost on that.

I’ve predicted this phenomenon long time ago. What is happening is not an American political contest, it’s an aberration. In 2008 I wrote an article explaining why Barack Obama won the election and I mentioned that the reason was a total change in American society. I described, in details, that Washington was finished, politically, caused by the political decadence. Moral decay is a powerful self destructive disease and the ones affected with that are not able to see the devastating consequence of it until it’s too late. Washington is infected with that and it has spread throughout the country. Though there are politicians not infected with it, they are victimized by it through supporting the infected ones. The internet explosion gave a voice to young America who rejected the status quo. They are the ones who elected Obama for two reasons, because they have a force of their own and their support gave a green light to other segments of American society, such as women, to do the same. They were the principal force behind President Obama’s election and they are ready to elect another Washington’s outsider.

Though Donald Trump’s success is caused by the same phenomena, meaning, Washington’s decay, the young America did not give him a big support because they know that Trump is an outsider but plays the same Washington’s cards and games. Donald Trump’s success is made by the extreme radicals of America, because as much as he tries to hide his dictatorial approach, it is clear and it attracts many Americans who felt left out for decades and saw that through his candidacy they will stop being in the background. This coming election will have the highest level of anticipation in many decades, but also a high level of concern because, with exception for three candidates, all the others are controversial. The three candidates in order of qualification to be President of the United States are John Kasich, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. These candidates, if elected, will give this great nation the chance to settle into a moderation time, proper to recuperate from the Obama’s mandate, which caused total racial distress in Washington, as I described in my article of 2008.

History will show that President Obama presided as a hero, facing Washington’s most ferocious racism, too intense to camouflage it as being political opposition. He endured it in a way that just a few could have, but that caused him to change, radically: he was one President in the first term, a missionary as all Presidents should be; and another in the second term, a politician like a wolf so ahead of the hunters that their pursuit exposed them to commit ridiculous actions. Obama’s second term was a war with no winner, the Republicans lost public respect and Obama lost a lot of that too but, most importantly, he lost a lot of self respect for becoming another Washington prototype, his voice’s tone changed to a higher pitch, his behavioral time got faster and his general mannerism became arrogant.

All that was consequence of the antagonism he faced from Washington’s politicians. I predicted that in my article of 2008,”Barack Obama, The Best President Since Lincoln” and early in 2015 I mentioned to several friends of mine that the Speaker of the House would resign before the election because his job was part of a well planed strategy of the Republican Party to neutralize Obama’s actions, for two reasons: to show the nation that electing a “black candidate” was a mistake and to give a Republican candidate a real chance to win the next presidential election. That turned out to be a self inflicted wound to Republican Party, as well. He had to get out because he was the voice of an established antagonistic plot against the President and I knew it would demolish the GOP. It did: Republicans with good political records lunched their candidacy but the party was gone, nobody believed in it anymore. The rise of Donald Trump and Dr. Carson was a clear message of how disappointed republicans were about their party’s actions in Washington.

I was observing all that and knowing what was going to happen because moral is more valuable than loyalty and most of the letter happens when the first is observed in the person. Politicians are so unaware of this and they often lose elections for that reason. What is happening with the actual candidates gives the best illustration of it – most of them accuse each other with total disregard to the truth, accuracy of statistics and civil manners. When the election is over they think that all those lies are forgotten – no, they are not – that is why they get less votes and lose elections. Even when they win, their character get marked for ever as immoral. I remember when President Obama was confronting Secretary Clinton during their campaign – she was provoking him to use same language she was using to attack him – I sent him more than 10 letters guiding him through that, because, in his case as an African-American that behavior would end his chance to win. I cannot say how much of my suggestion he followed, what I know is that he changed, daily, according to what I was sending to his office.

The world is a complete changed place; what made sense before the year 2000 doesn’t make sense now; many good values disappeared and many good behaviors got replaced by bad ones. Every person, today, is a judge, juror and executioner. The so called globalization, created by the internet and social media is just like a magic mirror, a source of reflections that is projected to millions of eyes and ears, at light speed, which is copied  without thinking and sent back to the web, within seconds. Every person is promoting and publishing something without judgment: ethical, moral or legal. The sense of normality shown by everyone, including professionals of the media overwrites the awareness needed to see and avoid human degeneration. Journalists used to be a source of integrity, today, most of them are more concerned with political correctness, popularity and to be “liked” and “tweeted” by their viewers. My book on behavior is about to be published; it shows, in details, why the world is the way it is and shows what we can do to make a better world. MAYUTO CORREA –

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    LETTER TO CHRIS HAYES – August 14, 2015

    I am behavior professor and I have fan watching the discussions about Donald Trump’s actual political success. The way you opened your program on Tuesday, August 11, inspired me to write this letter. You are an excellent political journalist and your opening phrase was “I don’t understand what is happening.” Meaning, why Donald Trump is leading. You are not alone in that confusion – I have been watching other programs and everybody else is lost in that discussion.

    I’ve predicted this phenomenon long time ago. This is not a political factor, it’s behavioral. In 2008 I wrote an article explaining why Barak Obama won the election and I mentioned that the reason was a total change in American society. I described, in details, that Washington was finished, politically, caused by the political decadence of the end of last century which coincided with the internet explosion and the young rejection to the status quo. They elected Obama and they are ready to elect Trump.

    behavior is the cause of everything in life and mind is uncontrollable, unreliable and undefined. Washington degeneration occurred exactly when the sons of Internet had the age to vote and the status quo had no place in America. The best way to establish that was to elect a black President, which was impossible to happen a few years prior to that. Obama was also influenced by that phenomenon, negatively. He was totally electable in 2008; half electable in 2012 and now is totally unelectable. His confusion about Washington was the cause.

    The world is a complete changed place, what made sense before the year 2000 doesn’t make sense now; many good values disappeared or are completely reversed. Every person, today, is a judge, juror and executioner. The whole flow of the world is promoting that, without noticing how disastrous that change is. The press, which was a core of integrity became dependent on public opinion and political correctness.

    Donald Trump has no label, he is not a politician, he has no ideology, he has no association with anything, he is totally detached from American political chaos; he’s the ideal candidate for America’s new rulers, judges, jurors, executioners. From this point on, only Donald Trump could demote him from running for the presidency; if he gets to the final stage he will beat any democrat candidate.

    NOTE – Now, the entire press, its commentators and guests are adjusting their comments about Donald Trump to make sense with his success, that is because they would look bad if continued lost about what is happening. So far, no one has observed the real phenomenon I’ve described and that is OK, because when they do they will remember that I am who revealed that.


  • MAYUTO CORREA · March 8, 2016 at 9:41 am

    The self serving mutual accusations between contenders to the White House disqualify them for the most important job in the world, based on lack of moral. How can the world trust one who lies just to get ahead? After the election observe their mutual “Never Mind”

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