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“RACISM IS EXACT” – By Mayuto Correa

RACISM IS EXACT  (Written on June 5, 2016)                                                                                                                                                Racism is exact, it cannot be adjusted, justified or disappear after an apology or pardon. This disrespect for the fellow human is engraved in the racists’ character and is part of their life because it is not a choice, but it grows in the person just like a body part that is always there. Racism is not the only chronic defect in humans, some other character defects are incurable, unchangeable, just like a disease under control that comes, go and comes again. The human being has a huge challenge: more often than not they have to compromise when they  try to understand their own mind. Mind is absolutely unpredictable due to its subdivisions filled with incontrolable elements that science has not identified, but I did and I wrote a book about it.

Back to racism: in the general social behavioral control, education is a reform that provides guidelines, rules and laws according to each nation. But the human body is connected to another controlling force which is natural and unchangeable. The real human feeling happens independently from the rational sense of obligation to obey rules and laws. My theory is proved inside every person, but they have the right to be silent about their internal conflicts. I’ve also proven my theory   through long years of having sessions with students, volunteers and close friends that gave me the honor to help them in their pursuit to better life. I have helped people with all characteristics: personal and social conflicts, racism and pure evil.

The realization of these problems is dramatic; one vivid case happened in the 1970s, the person’s named is Barbara, she is the wife of a NASA scientist, they were my close friends. During a friendly conversation I mentioned that she was racist. She strongly denied that and gave me all logical explanations and said that she was hurt by my comment. Then I create an analogy of two black families moving to two houses on her street. She started to cry loud with abundant tears as she said: I would move. Week later she approached me and said: I changed my major studies at UCLA from Law to Psychology, so I can learn how to teach people to deal with racism.

I have been specializing in behavior and human degeneration for many years but what inspired me to write this article is the series of events inside the American politics; the most recent is the one caused by Republican presidential candidate, Mr. Donald Trump’s racist behavior against a judge with Mexican heritage. That was a racist behavior, but the general reaction shows how racism is misunderstood in our societies. People are saying that apologizing to the judge would put Mr. Trump’s in good standing to pursue his nomination to the presidency of the United States; that is an absurd, because he is unfit to lead a country with values based on equality for all. His apology would just give him a credential to be a racist in the White House.

The ones showing benevolence about racism should look inside themselves to see their own character defect or if their suggestion that Mr. Trump’s should apologize was just to help the Republican Party in this complicate election, they should retire from politics because they would be unfit for their job. Absolute goodness should have been the base for human behavior; morality should have been uncompromising factor in preserving goodness in every person, including in politicians but that didn’t happened and human degeneration did. Many politicians use a crooked morality behind their false antagonism to disagree with the other party. Loyalty should never replace the truth. 

Human degeneration is progressive and hard to be detected because all humans are guilty of it and their perception of it is biased. Sociological concepts came to pass: civility, democracy, diplomacy, ideology, religion are just like “appliqués” attached to behavior to salvage any fragment of goodness in it, But the only level affected by all that is the social behavior. Politicians are the primary manipulators of that process and many times they make wrong look right to comply with their ideology. Their party should not be their guide, but God’s truth.

Politics cannot change God’s rules: redemption can only come after confessing, repenting and asking God for forgiveness. The intention to sin no more should be included because Jesus always said to the ones He cured, “go and sin no more.”Jesus is not someone to play game with, much less from the White House. A racist behavior can be cured by a miracle made by Jesus, just like happened to the blind, Bartimaeus, in Jericho. MAYUTO CORREA – (we are looking for editor)    



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