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In the 2016 election for the presidency of the United States the real choice is not about a preferable political party, not about experience or professional qualification of the candidates; it’s only about moral. The danger of this election is in the content of the discussion that is trashing the greatest nation in the world without defense.

The dishonesty displayed in this political discussion is unparalleled, even if compared with some 3rd world countries. The media, which in the past has served as moderator and diffuser of sense is cut in the middle of an absurd conversation that is created, propelled and fed by a person that has shown every prove that he has “zero” moral.

But the problem is bigger than that because Mr. Trump’s immorality is so blunt that it trigged the “immoral reservoir” of other persons that put on straight faces to agree with the absurd things he says, in front of the nation, when questioned by top American interviewers. That is the danger, because the internet turned every person into a judge and Mr. Trump’s influence increases because of that. But Mr. Trump’s absurdities also increase and that is hopeful.

He is the only hope to prevent his catastrophic victory, but it doesn’t mean that he will succeed in preventing it because well known politicians, radio talk show hosts and commentators are exposing themselves to the absurd of supporting him. In reality, Secretary Clinton’s integrity is not the real issue in this discussion because Mr. Trump would try to trash and destroy any person who competes with him, including a saint.

His inability to be a president of any country is overwhelmingly clear, but only God can help us. I wish Mr. Trump the best, but outside the White House because that is not his thing. An American President affects the entire world and for that are needed special characteristics that are, clearly displayed throughout the person’s life: unselfishness, compassion, caution, truthfulness, ethnical respect, cultural respect, religious respect, openness to advise and an ongoing understanding that every other American comes first, before you.

I know that for sure because I have been dedicating my life to studding, teaching and writing about human behavior. Though I don’t have all the answers, I know that any person who knows anything about human character should know that Mr. Trump’s character defects are chronic and that can’t change after apologies, sanctions, defeat or victory. The ones who are waiting for his change by saying “as now I’m not supporting him” should learn more about human behavior: start by Learning about Adolf Hitler and Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini.


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