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“DICTATOR AT HEART” – By Mayuto Correa


Here I am again giving my opinion about the President’s behavior. As I mentioned in previous articles published at, the American actual president is a dictator at heart, everything he does is created by that sentiment. The actual separation of children from their parents is a dictatorial measure imposed against the innocent just like the one imposed by Hitler against the innocent in the 1940s. If that cruelty of the past does not remind this president that all these practices are monstrosity, what will be his future actions? Mentioning the bible to justify his aberration is an absurd because God never accepted what Hitler did and is not accepting what he is doing.

I have been teaching behavior for many years and I am specialist in human degeneration. I mentioned that to explain the real reason behind the aberrations that are happening in America since Donald Trump became president. Human behavior has unnoticeable details that can only be observed by specialized persons. Even then it’s hard to be noticed because human life is filled with unsettled elements that challenge human mind in recognizing right from wrong. Donald Trump’s presidency is a source of the absurd, and that creates discussions, which bring the absurd to a normalized level. After that the absurd becomes common practice or even law. That process is the main cause of human degeneration everywhere. That is so powerful that even after the fact people still don’t notice the degeneration.

Donald Tramp’s White House is the aberration that symbolizes the highest degeneration in America, ever. World degeneration in Abram’s time was less than in David’s time and then it was less than in Jesus’ time. Same happened from President Abraham Lincoln’s to president Obama’s times and his victory was the last breath of political sanity in America but it caused a reaction from American white supremacists, in a very big way: racists from all United States got behind Donald Trump’s candidacy, regardless their ideology or creed, to prevent any other black person to get the White House. That was Donald Trump’s cause of victory; without that he would not have chance to win then or any other time in America. His aggressive and irreverent antagonism toward President Obama reveals his racism, clearly.

President Obama’s victory was a step up in social equality; that gave blacks and people of other colors vindication for many years of quiet contempt, but at high cost because that ignited the racism and hate that were dormant since the civel rights movement. My article published at on June 9,2016,
“Racism Is Exact” is about Donald Trump’s racism and his attempt to deny it – that is a chronic disease without cure. Racism was the cause of recent conflicts happening from coast to coast of United States; that had the same absurdities of 60 years ago and yet was normalized because the worse American nightmare was in progress: the anarcky that nobody could have predicted was already happening and nobody could stop it because American power was behind it. The republican party formed a barrier against President Obama; that barrier was made of “evil bricks” and his presidency was a battle that transformed him from politician to a war hero. He was victorious because of his high integrity, intelligence, political knowledge and kindness. In my article of Nov. 14, 2009 at “Barack Obama – The Best President Since Lincoln” I predicted the war he was going to face in Washington.

The “evil bricks” of republican party felled over themselves: the party disintegrated. When Donald Trump announced his candidacy I knew he was going to win; I said to my wife, “he will win and that will damage America’s reputation.” I sent him a letter offering me as his behavioral coach but he never responded to my letter. Every step of the way he did exactly what I expected. His aberrations are being normalized because American journalists have to report and bring annalists to comment on his actions, so the normalization is unavoidable because it takes place in the subconscious of the entire world population and that is damaging America in a way that never happened before; that increases the toleration for aberrations and that is how human degeneration grows. This president would not be inaugurated and certainly would be impeached in any passed time.

American Journalists and commentators are aware of the president’s problem; their sanity is the defensive system against Trump’s syndrome and by being the best in the world they expose the president’s ugly character, along with putting in doubt his intelligence when he tries to counterattack the press by saying and doing things that only stupid people do. That is one of the ways he is damaging America: the best country in the world being lead by someone so unstable. The only way America will regain its reputation is if special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation gets enough evidence to impeach Donald Trump.

If not, it’ll be long time before people around the world stop asking me and other American residents the common question: how could that happen in America? The other concern is on how America will combine the 2 tasks, one of being the stopper of a nuclear war and the other of being the starter, that is the fear. The sequence of events is like never before, except in the movies: this president takes extreme political actions to impress and to avoid falling. He manipulates the media and public opinion with anything he picks in his bag of tricks. The affair with North Korea leader, Kim was a move to compensate the breaking news of he becoming under investigation that same week; he faked the cancelation and reconfirmation of the summit to make an impact, big enough to get popular support, and he succeeded, by raising his public acceptance to 40%.

Ability to manipulate is not a sign of wisdom or talent; first it is an evil action and, second, it is used to get him out of trouble. The assumptions that he is highly intelligent, based on his financial success is benevolent, to say the least. That brings another discussion that is not worth to get into, but I can say that a real intelligent person never commits the huge amount of stupidities that he is committing. His behavioral patterns, such as narcissism, selfishness, arrogance, intolerance, impulsiveness, deceit, cold heart are found in every other dictators, throughout history. Wisdom is not one of their assets: Those dictators got things done by their talented subordinates who had to follow orders or die. White House officials under this president also are forced to do aberrations – many left because they had the chance to do that.

I self exiled to America in 1969 to avoid the repression imposed upon me, as a writer, by a dictatorship in Brazil. I wanted to live in this country because of its high moral and justice; I noticed that since I was a little boy by going to a movie theater several days a week to watch western movies; that and knowing President Abraham Lincoln’s impeccable sense o justice showed me that the straight foreword law, order and justice to everyone in America was better than in any other country in the world. That American treasure was carried on by all previous presidents and now it is being threatened to change by Trump administration for imposing dictatorial measures in everything he does.

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