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2020 D-DAY IN U. S. A. – By Mayuto Correa

By: MAYUTO CORREA WRITTEN ON 07-04-2019 This is a critical moment for the world because it is a decisive moment for USA; needless to elaborate on the reason because we know that the leading country in the world has been infected by the worse political disease since Hitler ended his tormented leadership in Germany. American actual president affects the world, proportionally, even more than the past dictator because, then, world war power was in its research and now it is in its excess. Having a world leader such as the one in America, today, is a terrifying risk of catastrophic world conflict. That should not be taken lightly; I specialize on human behavior and human degeneration; that includes knowledge on human sense. Here is the problem: human sense in America was homogenized and established as behavioral norm, internationally.
The Internet dismantled the world’s senses, it turned the world into a disaster. World security has never been as vulnerable as it is now and, yet, the sense of normality is everywhere. The old pacific sense o the post world war II is long gone; people now are unaware of dangers, they absorb what the internet provides: every behavior is accepted as being normal; public participation is unavoidable; being liked through the internet is the most important issue. The real values are gone; the impact of world war II is being forgotten, including the ultimate sacrifice of many soldiers from around the world who, under American leadership, lost their lives to save the world and helped America to become the greatest country in the world.
American patriotism is being threatened by egotism and corruption spread by the core of the nation: the Congress and the White House. That is the most defining description of human degeneration I have ever written about. In a century of glory, America shined in the eyes of people around the world and its consistency on democracy and high standard on justice became the model to other countries. That was unique because the last century started with conflicts that were never solved, instead, it generated political systems incompatible with democracy. The most notorious example of that was Leon Trotsky: his new political ideas caused his own death. American democracy and leadership of the world are the most valuable assets a country have achieved in history.
That can be damaged by actual American president and that is hard to be repaired because human senses degenerate together with politic social degeneration. The outcome of that is a conformism of the entire population. That is easily noticeable by comparing past news footage with actual ones, and see unacceptable behaviors of the past being accepted today. That is not commonly observed, but the whole world population is degenerating by that. That happens in America in big scale. Started with electing this actual president, who in the past would not be suitable to be a mayor of a small town anywhere.
He’s being described, by many, as a talented TV star; that is a clear example of human senses being gone, in terms of recognizing talent; giving him credit and praise for a “good” economic stage, while disregarding the fact that his achievement is obsolete in comparison to Obama’s economic recovery from the 2008 crash. That shows that senses are not being used and, ultimately, our most devastating dilemma is not about political party or ideal candidate; it’s about the safety of the world.
I would be quiet about any president incapable to do good things for the nation, after all every America has the right to run for the White House; my reaction is about a leadership that is destructive in several ways, including American international prestige. My suggestion is that Democratic candidates should get together in a special way. Instead of attacking each other, just like every candidate does; they should select, among themselves, 10 duos, with each candidate agreeing to be vice-president for their respective nominee.
That way, the Democrat nominee will have the vice-president already picked. That strategy is a winner in several ways because the negativity exchanged among competitors would not happen and that would be devastating to any adversary. First, they would not attack candidates, but promote each other and, second, they would not have to be phony, after election, by trying to minimize the offences. that is immoral and compromises people’s choice, because moral is the primary element in a politician. What happened in 2016 with Republican party is about to happen in 2020 with Democrats; Then the beneficiary was Donald Trump, who’s repertoire is filled with negativity, but he didn’t have to use much of his own because the candidates destroyed their presidential character by attacking each other.
The difference between smart and evil should be described here: when someone stops being kind, they start being evil, their specific behavior determines how evil they are. Competition is the number one cause to good people do evil things; that is not smart. Many people choose to be evil based on ambitions involving competition. That is what happens with Donald Trump – He’s not smart, he’s evil. A smart strategy for the Democrats is to unite to create 10 teams for the White House in 2020. That way, for the first time, voters would have a better chance to pick the best team lead by Democrat president nominee.

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