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Hi There,
Though I consider Senator Kamala Harris my favorite candidate for US presidency, I totally disagree with the way her political campaign is handled, when it comes to communicate with voters. More specifically, by being only interested in getting the money contribution, without paying attention to voter’s opinion and critic. That turns me off, completely; I know that all campaigns are handled by people only interested in getting cash. Senator Harris should know that, in my case, I consider it an insult to my integrity. I’m professor of behavior and I sent her a relevant suggestion regarding her candidacy.
That suggestion would help her to stand above all other candidates because she had already made her mark as being strong politician who tells thing like it is; so she would need to do that in her campaign, but not by attacking the other democratic candidates; instead, I suggested her to pick a candidate to form a duo, with both candidates agreeing to be the vice president for the nominee, if it happens to be one of them. That method is the only way to win against Donald Trump. Unfortunately, Democratic candidates demolished each other and served to facilitate Trump’s, almost certain victory.
The word “almost” is included just because the impeachment process is not finished. If he is not impeached, his chance to win in 2020 is greater than any Democratic candidate. That is a terrifying news: America is at risk to have 4 more years of evil from the White House. I did my best to avoid that by suggesting the wining way to handle Democratic campaign, I’ve sent it to other candidates, after being ignored by Senator Harris. Now it’s too late for regrets. My suggestion is to login to my journalistic site, and see what I have been writing about this disastrous American presidency.
There, a reader will see my predictions from the day Trump announced his candidacy up to now. The media seems to be unaware of Tramp’s real evil, which I described in past articles, such as his manipulation move by activating a false negotiation with North Korea’s Leader to create an international discussion to minimize the effect of being officially charged with the Russian deal. Now, he did it again: to minimize the impact of his impeachment he just took American soldiers out of a vital protective role. That is evil, coming from unintelligent person not a “genius” that, erroneously, people call him. MAYUTO CORREA

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