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“AMERICAN STATUS QUO” by Mayuto Correa

The reason I have given up dealing with politicians is the fact that they failed to do their job of learning how to be a true representative of the people. For that reason, every aberration that exist in societies, throughout world history. is caused by politicians. The obligation of all politicians is to became experts in all aspects of human needs, in every area; the laws they create and enforce should be according to God’s laws, not compromised laws to facilitate their victory in elections. That is their common behavior, which is the reason for the world to be the anarchy that it is. They have a hard task, but being experts in human life is the core of their job. A politician has no right to have the comfort of being unaware of the right solution for everything and everybody. You may say, they are humans like every other person! Yes, they are, but their choice to become a politician set them apart from all other persons. The Power behind their hard task should be acquired by uniting with God and, from that, uniting with all politicians, internationally, for the sake of the world. It sounds like a dream? Yes, it does, because it was never done and was supposed to be done from the beginning.

Instead of today’s diplomacy with politicians going around the world to negotiate conflicts of interest between nations, there wouldn’t be conflicts because the world would be really united. The ignorance about what is right and what is wrong is not forgivable. Greed is the driving force behind most human pursuits, to see that just observe the daily life on Earth. The most important issue in human life is a disease called human degeneration. I never heard this two words being said by any person, nor I saw it written anywhere; I am specialized on that and when I say that phrase to any person they get lost in the conversation. I remember when I was very young, in high school, when I said that phrase to my teacher, Professor Genarino, he didn’t know what I was referring to. Then, I was 14 years old and I was studding behavior since I was 7. Now, after being teaching behavior throughout my life, I can prove that human degeneration is an invisible monster that grows and destroys everything in its path. That devastation is not noticed because it blends in with full adaptation.

Why politicians are the ones to be blamed for that? because they are the source of the status quo and that is what feeds the monster. The more absurd this revelation seems to be to someone, the more affected by this problem is that person for thinking that way. That is why I said that this problem is invisible. A sad example of that is the killing of George Floyd on May 26 of 2020, in the city of Minneapolis by RACISM, which is the oldest cause of conflict in human history. Nothing has been done by the government to, properly, handle and to resolving that issue. To resolve that case, first, a clear understanding of what happened has to be shared with the professional media and everyone else. This killing involved racism, so everybody involved with this case should be aware and educated about the fact that we are equal, regardless the color of our skin. The compliance of that should not be bases on a law passed by Congress, but based on God’s truth; the fatal human error is by disregarding God and His rules. Instead, they use their own rules based on ignorance. Racism would not exist if God was followed by humans; now the only solution is a proper education. But instead of that, a look inside of most persons would reveal selfishness, hate, disregard and spiritual blindness. That is because the entire conglomerate of measures, laws, models of education and many government rules are Godless and stupid.

In George Floyd’s killing anyone can see why I used the phrase: Godless and stupid. Godless is because it takes the devil to make someone to squeeze, gradually and systematical, life out of a person, regardless the circumstance; and stupid because the human being who was under the knees of the killer was one of the citizens, who pay his salary. That should be understood by everyone; that should be written on every job application, specially for government jobs, to raise respect towards common people who are the owners of the nation but are treated like trash. Everywhere in the world, killings without provocation committed by the police should be a first degree murder. The best way to see how drastic that killing was is to try to visualizing a family member of that killer cop under his knees being squeezed out of their life, like he did to George Floyd. No Godly person can visualize such a thing because it is terrible to even think about it, but that killer did it systematically, calmly pushing down his knees onto George’s body and neck. He would never do that to his family member, we know that. That is what establishes his sentence of first degree murder with aggravating cruelty and disregard to human life, just because of the color of a person’s skin. The other 3 cops should get the same sentence; but what the government is doing is bizarre, they are going around the bush when there is no bush. There is nothing else to be seeing about that killing, the entire world saw it. But the status quo did not “see” it? They are supposed to enforce the law; How can those people expect to be reelected? The only sure thing is that this killing will go down the history as the most cruel murder by cop in America.

Racism is mostly incurable because it is a disease that eliminates the spiritual sensorial connection. The only chance of cure is through God’s miracle, which involves prayers and a commitment by the person infected. A real solution to get better police force in America is also hard because human degeneration is being happening for too long. Peaceful protests should be made, stating only the specific demand, which is the reform in the police force (because the problem is already known). That should be followed by letters sent and phone calls made to politicians of the legislative sector; not requesting, but demanding the changes. In the election time, voting should reflect, precisely, the politicians’ responses to demands made. That could help; that will take time and a lot of learning by legislators, A.K.A. the status quo.

POLICE REFORM: The only way to stop this killings is a total reform in the police system in America, which is filled with good cops too. These cops should be selected based on their record of being good, then they should go through a thorough behavioral examination with emphasis on finding any racist tendency, to be approved after being found total absence of racism in their character and career. Then, they should be promoted based on that standard; they should become part time instructors in a rotational system, teaching new cops. CLEANUP: All cops with record involving racial issues should be transferred to bureaucratic position in the police or in government. That is the only reform capable to resolve the disastrous problem in the police system in USA. Anything else is just Bla, Bla, Bla.

In a Nutshell, here is a paragraph on my life for you: I was born in Brazil, I became a paid soccer player at 8, a professional actor at 11, a professional musician in a big band of adults at 12, I played for the Brazil’s Soccer National Team (under seventeen) at 16. I was hired as C.E.O. of the industry Carrasco S.A. at 18; I became behavior professor at 20; I was hired as the Artistic Director of a top university at 22. In my teens I performed live and recorded with the top stars of Brazil and in my early 20s I was music director for some of those stars, including Maria Bethania, Elza Soares, and others. Because since I was 13 I was a writer concerned about social injustice: my reputation about being a militant started then. I wrote for a local magazine at 13, for a city newspaper (Tribuna Goncalense) at 16 and for a national newspaper (Diario de Noticias) at 20. DICTATORS: in 1964 the military coup happened; I was professional as artist/writer/professor, these are the 3 categories the Generals had target to persecute. They stopped my performance in a live show at TV Educativa, closed PUC University during a rehearsal of a play I wrote and was directing and also prevented me to become the writer and director of the TV Series “Aplauso” for Globo TV. After Being their target I self exiled to the U.S. in 1969 and became an overnight A-1 studio musician in America and a featured artist in many records and live performances with the world’s top stars, including Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Henry Mancini, Harry Belafonte, Stevie Wonder, Herb Hancock, Herb Alpert, Carlos Santana, Donald Bird, The Temptations, Neil Sedaka, Burt Bacharach, John Williams, The Doors, Lawrence Welk, Sarah Vaughn, Etta James, Sammy Davis Jr., Marvin Gaye and hundreds alike and I always had my own careers in every categories I started having when I was a child, staring and directing shows internationally, and it can be seen in my bios and resumes. I was Culture Secretary of Sao Goncalo, City of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, under Mayor Arismar Dias (04-23-80 to 09-20-81).

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