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The Best Physical Therapist  


Van Commenee’s dedication to excellence raised our eyebrows, here, at, but excellence alone, is not what we look for in an item or person to call it “The Best.” Only if we find an exceptional quantity of rare qualities in the subject we call it “The Best.”


Van Commenee is a real example of “The Best”.  He is so rare that, in search for his unique characteristics, we found ones that are beyond the realm of scientific knowledge. We are proud to declare our expertise in finding that kind of rarity. Andre van Commenee’s job is to repair a “broken body”, bring it to a better posture, fitness and eliminate pain when possible. Commenee’s patients get complete recovery even when doctors warned them to expect otherwise.


His commitment to heal patients seems to originate from a higher understanding and unlimited power to achieve complete recovery. A fair description of his qualities would look like I am overstating it, but in fact, I am understating when I call him “The Best Possible Physical Therapist on Earth”.   His knowledge of the human body combined with his kindness to his patients, bring him to a plateau of excellence that is almost impossible to compare with other professionals.


Patients arriving at Active Rehabilitation are not really aware of what they are in for, until they meet its Director, Andre Commenee. Immediately, a sense of security and hope starts to grow on the patient’s mind because van Commenee’s actions show that he is taking charge of the patient’s troubles.


I had first hand experience with Andre’s care after my accident on January 1st, 2008. I met Dr. James A. Shankwiler, M.D. at Congress Medical Associates, Inc in Pasadena. When that high rank specialist started telling me what had happened to my shoulder, I was sure that my career as a professional percussionist was over. When he told me I had a total tear of the biceps tendon, plus severe damage to my shoulder joint, but he kept a positive face, I didn’t understand why. He said: “You’ll be fine, I’m sending you to Andre, on the 3rd floor. He will take care of you.” He did: I’m fully recovered.   


He uses his body’s forces and precision to twist or pressurize injured areas for as long he thinks is necessary, while his vast knowledge in just about every subject on human life, selects the topic of conversation of the day.  For each specific patient an engaged conversation starts and remains throughout the session. In the end, invariably, the patient, forgetting the reason for being there, gets up, still talking, then realizes that the pain is gone, the body is comfortably upright, and that  van Commenee’s next patient is near, waiting.


Andre van Commenee was born in Amsterdam, Holland. He competed for the Dutch National Track & Field Team in Decathlon. Andre became a Physical Therapist in 1984. He worked as a Physical Therapist at the three biggest sports events in the world: the Olympic Games, the World Cup Soccer, and the World Championships Track & Field. Andre has treated many professional athletes, of whom six have won Gold Medals during the last seven Olympic Games, plus seven World Champions. He worked as a Physical Therapist at the European Championships Triathlon and at five European Cup Finals in Track & Field. One of his early hobbies was to train physically disadvantaged athletes, of whom two won medals during the l984 Paralympics.


Andre van Commenee has also worked as a Physical Therapist on several movies including “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”, in 1988 and “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”, in 2007. He worked at the U.C.L.A. Sports Rehabilitation Center, worked as a consultant for Sony Pictures, the British National Track & Field Team, ChivasUSA, and the Nike Fitness Academy. Some entertainers he has treated over the past 20 years include: Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, Shia LeBeouf, Michael Keaton, Wesley Snipes, Richard Dreyfuss, Angela Bassett, and others.


Andre van Commenee is director of rehabilitation at Active Rehabilitation, a subsidiary of Congress Medical Associates located in Pasadena, CA.  He has been featured in “In the Spotlight” in PT Advance, the nationwide magazine for Physical Therapists (August 2008).

Andre can be reached at or at 818/679-9446


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