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Ted Turner: Best Wellness Provider – Mayuto Correa

Ted Turner is a wellness provider in the ultimate way. His range of operation is the survival of the Earth and there is no more important issue on Earth than that. He has been concerned with that for more than a quarter of a century and he is now working on the solution, while people from  the media and politic are focused on having a democratic discussion about the subject.  It is, obviously, beyond discussion, much less a political one.

That nonsense is the same as if a populated building is on fire and the fire crew, before taking action, set tables to discuss the facts of that fire. It seems that years of education and professional seniority in politics are cause of mental defect rather than understanding,  when it comes to prioritizing between Earth’s ending and any other issues.

While a majority is engaged on trivial subjects, which includes the actual mediocrity of creating overnight celebrities out of common citizens with personal affairs and misbehaves, Ted Turner is putting his mind and money on the real problem: the wellness of the planet and humanity. 

Ted Turner’s career is a string of accomplishments geared to philanthropic purpose through an unchangeable character which followed a brilliant visionary mind. Usually, a person, first, becomes a billionaires and then
turn into a philanthropist; Ted Turner was, first, a philanthropist who became billionaire by, strategically, building an empire to support his philanthropic activities. Step by step, his acquisitions were consistently
aimed to preservation.

In 1976, through his WTCG-TV Super Station, he broadcasted old movies, situation comedy reruns, cartoons to cable subscribers. He bought 5.000-acre plantation in Jacksonboro. He bought the Atlanta Braves and the Atlanta Hawks to provide programming for his cable-TV, then WTBS. It seems that his vivid awareness was contemplating the imminent end of valuable things of the world and, ultimately, the world. He was getting ready.  

He is a man of iron character, but very simple and made of good values, who treasures the truth without any compromise. People like that have no age because they comply with the rules of nature and by doing that the essence of life, which is impregnated in nature, preserves them. He is a solid human being, but with necessary fragility to see beyond the establishment, conditionings and to be real.

That kind of fragility is full of courage and it is the source of a special human strength. That strength defines Ted Turner and separates him from the majority – broadening  his vision, turning him more patriotic than many others, by seeing the endangered world where America is in and see the need to protected the world in order to protect America. By seeing other countries and peoples with different custom, whom with we have to share the world and respect to be respected.

Ted Turner has a different vision from the one of pseudo patriots who can only see America and get angry when our President bows to greet another world leader in his custom, showing high education instead of arrogance. Ted Turner is strong not because he is rich, his voice is heard not because his economic power, but his real power, which comes from wisdom. When he talks with his sincere smile, his expressions are accompanied by goodness, which is the primary human item, the secret of life.

In communication it is the secret behind enlightenment, because it carries the truth and it neutralizes debris in the subconscious. That brings the listeners to their senses. Also in advertize, goodness is a make or brake force because, if the item has a real value, goodness is there and it is transferred, like a shine, to the listener’s subconscious; if the item has no real value, it is a lie and it’s dark and goes no where, it doesn’t sell.

That Is why Ted Turner is great advertiser; a great leader and philosopher. A visionary who, in 1980, created CNN and said: “We won’t be signing off until the world ends. We’ll be, on and we will cover the end of the world, live, and that will be our last event… and when the end of the world comes, we’ll play ‘Nearer, My God, to Thee’ before we sign off.”

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