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Barak Obama – The Best President Since Lincoln By Mayuto Correa

The Obama Administration has yet to define its level of effectiveness. Normally, it takes time to harmonize, coordinate, act and see the results. After all, the United States is the leading country in the world, with extra responsibilities and duties. One thing that is clear is that President Barak Obama is the best individual to be elected President of the United States since Abraham Lincoln. That conclusion is not influenced by his newness of being African American, young, or by the glamorous beauty of the first family. My conclusion is based on his merits, alone.

In this turbulent political era, important details of human character have been ignored and replaced by the frantic approach of idolatry based on wealth, stardom and even bad behavior. Fame is the in result and that can be acquired by any means – the quickest way to get it is to have a bad behavior, commit a crime or say absurd things through the media. Good elements in human character can’t be properly observed by the media and, consequently, by the public because both are too engaged on dealing with the actual world, when absurdities such as reality TV is being in center stage, while art and knowledge is hard to be found. In a way, President Barak Obama was benefited by all this confusion because he also had the proper elements to influence the crowd, such as looks and glamour. During his presidential campaign he used his superficial appeal to open “locked doors” in people’s minds, but when he was in, he delivered the real stuff.

No other candidate could compete with that political tonic. Ironically, the closest candidate able to compete with President Obama’s character was republican candidate Mike Huckabee, who was struggling to get recognition to win his party’s contest, which Mc Can won based on gratitude, alone, for his war service, not for his character. In the end, the brilliant and best character candidate, Barak Obama, would win the White House even if the best elements of every other candidate were combined in one. That is because President Obama has a rare combination of character elements, such as: simple, pure, just, high integrity, compassion, spiritual goodness, honesty, courage and brilliance, to name a few. Ultimately, that was the reason for his victory. Fortunately, his true ele ments were, subliminally, absorbed by the people to create the most rare constituency in American history.

The important phenomenon in that victory was the mental state of the young people, which is new and not yet totally contaminated with the irreversible social degeneration. In fact, America is subdivided in three major groups: the conservator, the liberal and the young. The young American is ready to follow what is sensibly right, instead of what is politically right. That changed America forever and it will have an effect capable to change the actual political status quo. That change will occur based on the intolerance of the young people towards the ridiculous behavior of some legislators in Washington. This youth evolution was precipitated by the advent of the internet and computer technology. I predicted that in the early seventies, to my students, when I also said that the computers would create a transitional gap in the young’s mind, about traditional values and sentiments. That really happened and it was a big price paid for technological revolution, but the political awareness and the courage to change America is a redeeming factor. A new wave of young politicians will rise and President Obama should be credited for this entire process because he influenced the young during his campaign and now, as a young President with impeccable integrity, he is a role model.

President Barak Obama, definitely, deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for much more reasons than the ones he was criticized for not having. He is and will be criticized in a special way. That is because he doesn’t fit in the usual presidential profile, for the reasons above mentioned and for other incontrollable reasons still engraved in the subconscious of influential politicians in Washington.

The racial barrier is real, not a dream subject that can disappear with the blink of an eye. Also real is this phenomenal racial change, a behavioral marvel also made possible by President Obama. This miracle does not affect everyone at the same time; it is working, surely, but slowly. Beyond all that, there are political barriers in Washington, made by certain legislators hooked on old conditionings and unable to understand that two political parties should not be antagonistic groups, but two diverse groups committed to find the real best solutions for the nation as a whole. Instead, with a few exceptions, they agree to disagree with every bill from the other party.


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