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PBS – The Best Quality Television – By Mayuto Correa

In the actual Television condition it’s hard to find a good TV station or a program with characteristic that resembles the past golden eras of American Television, with programs such as Ed Sullivan, Colombo, The Name of the Game and other classics. It seems that modernization dried out creativity and sense from the brains of TV producers and writers.

With few exceptions on crime-drama, primetime television such as Law & Order and CSI Miami/New York, television lost the must watch appeal. Ironically, programs with that appeal can still be found if you look for PBS. That is the best television of today. In recent past, other stations such as A&E and History Channel shared that status with PBS, but they also got contaminated with the mediocrity of reality TV. That is a corruption of sacrificing quality to get money. That leaves PBS, alone, as today’s best television and Charlie Rose and Jim Lehrer as the best politics and news hosts.

MSNBC is considered the best cable TV channel in politics. That could be true, but the important is to be really good instead of the best among bad ones. That seems to be the case in the actual broadcast competition. Due to a long process of transformation on journalistic television, the original concept of providing the news is long gone from broadcasting. Regretfully, also gone from nightly news are great such as Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, David Brinkley, Peter Jennings and many other makers of broadcasting news. They were not only great broadcasters, they were the inventors of that service which was copied by every country in the world. Unfortunately, America broadcasting is still being copied and, with a few exceptions, it’s being the source of irreversible degeneration.

Starting with the departure from the real purpose of delivering news, which is to provide the facts of a story to a community, modern broadcasters transformed that service into an adjustable source of information, according to their own ideology. That should never happen because that is the death of news. That was caused by egocentrism and lack o responsibility of producers and broadcasters, which comes from seniority in the wrong business. Because that unsavory seniority gives the selfish broadcaster the idea that his or her view of the facts is right for the public. That has been going on long enough to put to rest the original concept of news and to turn news broadcasting into a festival of absurdities. They are the first to declare how absurd they are when they admit not being aware of the facts, after they have engaging arguments with their guest commentators.

That state of calamity in the news goes along with today’s political world, which, with few exceptions, it lost its principles. The original concept of multiple or double political parties was valid because it provided diversity in ruling the nation by conceiving and refining, together, what is the best for the nation. That was never meant to be done by adversary groups of professionals paid to disagree with each other when there is no reason to. The original Legislative concept died long time ago with the passing of imminent senators and representatives and by the consequent modernization of ideas, isolating remaining purists who cannot be heard. After that change, we have to settle for the actual syndrome of agreeing to disagree with every other party’s bill.

That is a haven for the media, which is ready to add to the confusion by bringing commentators unequipped with knowledge of the subject mater in their stories. In the end, we have to seep though from under a heavy load of nonsense which starts with a surreal congressional act that is manipulated by the mainstream media and double distorted by radical rightwing journalists. That way, what we see is a serious issue such as the Healthcare Bill being subject of jokes and laughs, while the public are still unaware of what is written in the Bill, because the media doesn’t know it.


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