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REMO Percussion – The Best Pandeiro In The US – By Mayuto Correa

Pandeiro is a Brazilian percussion instrument, essential in samba and choro performances. Special talent and ability are required to play this unique instrument, but also to make it.

Remo, the legendary percussion maker, achieved the important task of producing the ideal pandeiro by keeping its weight just above 200g. With 10’’ in diameter, REMO red pandeiro is the lightest in the world. Besides sounding great, the red pandeiro is an invitation to developing percussionists, fascinated with the instrument, but usually, turned off by the excessive weight of other versions.

This achievement can be considered a marvel, in percussion terms, not only because pandeiro is an important instrument in the Brazilian music lexicon, but also because the common ignorance on how to produce good percussion instrument had a break, here.

If all percussion makers use the red pandeiro from REMO as a model, they will redeem themselves from a past of percussion aberrations, stubbornness and limited profit on pandeiros.

Heavier pandeiros are made to be used in dance performances, when the player uses the instrument with prestidigitation. These pandeiros should be made with specific details to comply with that type of performance.

All heavy pandeiros I’ve seen in the American market are not proper for prestidigitation or usual performance. They are too heavy, too high, too thick and have sharp edges everywhere, they’re health hazardous instruments.


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