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WINNING BEHAVIOR – by Mayuto Correa

Competition is the most widespread activity in the world. That is in everyone’s life. In politics, sports, professional positions, media activities, and even between religions.But, yet it’s not properly understood, and its consequences are not recognized as they should be. The vital power propelling competition comes from evil, not from good. To notice that; you clearly, place yourself as the loser in the competition; then you see the damage the winner caused to your life. That is evil. That is against God’s law. And that is what I am explaining here; because real success will never come from evil. Material gain and advantages less a short time and the consequence of evil less forever. This description should be applied in every interaction we have with every person. And the consequence described here should be seriously regarded. Now, let’s apply that to sports.

I start by explaining that sport is an individual task, even when it involves a team. That means; the participant has the obligation to be correct according to God. Because sports’ core is competition it requires special attention by the athlete to respect God’s rules. Unfortunately, I am here to say: that almost never happens. And that is the reason I am writing this instruction, and I go further too, in detail, teach the best and easy way to win a competition. What I am about to teach has not been done or seen by anyone. But, as soon as the result of it becomes known it will be used by many and it will change radically the way all athletes compete. That will also change the way people celebrate the victory of their favorite athletes and teams; because the best will win without evil and deceitful tricks.   

I have been teaching through my method for many years and my students changed their lives, radically. Some of them were using drugs, others involved with gangs; others carrying guns; most of them considered themselves lost in life, but were aware enough that they could change their lives. The key to changing is to apply the instructions I give without hesitation and use the results as an incentive to continue changing. I have had students that hated their mothers who said to me that the happier day of their life would be when they saw their mothers dead. They all turned to love their mother and John sent me a postcard from Paris, on a tourist boat on the Senna River, with his mother. The card said, “look what you did to my life; I’m here on vacation with my mother.” Some of my students are Ph.D. and my teachings have been part of their thesis.   

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