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This article is about a life that is devoted to the Lord, Jesus, which

shows, in detail, the importance of it. I have to say that Jesus doesn’t

need to be justified because his life happened with absolute precision in

every moment, and he announced every event before it came to pass.

He was in a human body to make sure we learned how to live a life that

would bring us salvation, for us to go to Heaven and live there forever.

Jesus had the power to destroy the ones engaged in killing him, but the

mission was to do what he did.

To understand the value of Jesus’ sacrifice, we should see the world we

live in. Human degeneration evolved into a calamity, and it will continue

until his return but his power of salvation is in every person who follows

him, and that separates us from the cows of the world to live with joy,

knowing that our destiny is Heaven where we’ll live with him forever. In

everything I do, I’ve been trying to share this marvelous way of life with

others because I understand how difficult to visualize this, is in the

actual world; without our Lord.

I am not better than any person, but that makes me more engaged in

helping people to find the right way of life. My life with Jesus is known

to be supernatural because he has given me visions and tasks since

I was seven. My perspective on life in this world is clear, and I can

help many people who have doubts about the existence of God. Based

on God’s grace, I can prove that because the people benefited from the

miracles God gave them through my vision, testify to that. That would

eliminate anyone’s skepticism.

After that revelation, all that people should do is obey God’s words,

such as: “Love God above all things and the next person as if it is you.”

That is the way I live, and that gives me total peace. By doing that, the

world would never become what it is today, but even with the world

being the way it is, God is in control of the world. The freedom of choice

he gave the world is misused; it produces evil instead of good. But that

punishes all sinners accordingly. The rush to get money, at all costs, is

the cause of the world disaster.

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